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How to economize changing fonts?

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How do you know which font uses more ink when printing? An interesting finding is that, already spread and recovery from sites of all kinds and not technological, starring an American student of 14 years, Suvir Mirchandani, found that, in his opinion, changing the character printing on documents official US government could achieve savings in the order of 370 million dollars a year. A “spending review” full-blown, that the young man first developed for the home school (the Dorseyville Middle School in Pittsburgh), calculating a hypothetical savings of $ 21,000 a year, and then proposed, through the echo chamber CNN, the Obama administration. So it really is possible to pass from the Garamond font Times New Roman reducing the consumption of printer ink and therefore the costs? Gary Somerset, communications manager of the Goverment Printing Office, paid tribute to the discovery of the student of Indian origin, who has made a search he said “remarkable.” The same Somerset has stressed that the efforts of the US government are focused on the transition from paper to the Web, and then whether to reduce the activities of the press, which is already done on recycled paper. It should therefore also said that the analysis of Suvuir, prodigal also a dig against the ink cartridges, is based on a sample of documents online and not those actually printed by the government agency. It is a result of an analysis with several weaknesses.

What is the model Suvir? To get to formulate his hypothesis, Suvir examined samples of handouts distributed by teachers to their students and analyzed the most commonly used letters (E, T, A, O and R, the most common of the English language). Then he checked the frequency with which each letter is used by comparing four different typographic font: Garamond, Times New Roman, and Century Gothic and Comic Sans. Finally measured, making use of a special software (APFill Ink and Toner Coverage Calculator), the amount of ink used for each letter. Garamond, invented in 1530 by Claude  di Gianni Rusconi and characterized by traits thinner than the other characters is currently considered the font more efficient from the point of view of consumption because it requires less ink in printing.

Then there are Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth who found that the Garamond font is one that requires less ink, followed by Courier and Brush Script; the classic used Times New Roman is ranked fourth in the standings, while the last place is Impact. The technique used to compile this particular list was writing in large Sample the word several times, each time using a different character and a different ball-point pen.

Do not forget, finally, that in December 2008 was published Ecofont, a font that reduces ink consumption due to the presence of numerous tiny holes in the shape of the characters. The estimated savings possible with any printer (inkjet or toner) and with any operating system (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows), ranged from 15 to 25%. Ecofont is a free download (as Vera Sans), but it must be installed, which not all users know how to do, and that in an environment with many computers to handle could be a major undertaking.

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