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Strategic Outsourcing: benefits and risks

The choice of outsourcing to improve business efficiency

Coding: learning to program from childhood

The importance of learning to program from an early age implies the spread of coding from primary school onwards

UML: a step forward for software engineering

UML allows you to make the abstraction of reality using models based on object-oriented programming language

The strategic utility of big data for...

It uses the term big data to describe a collection of datasets so large and complex as to require instruments different from the traditional...

Ink-jet Printing and Multi-jet Printing

From desktop inkjet printers to the realization of real 3D Selfie

Open source projects: the fused deposition modeling

From the desktop printing to open source: the Fused Deposition Modeling, a technology that is widely used in the extrusion of the materials processed

Lean production: budget efficiency and quality

Lean production to gain more efficiency by reducing waste

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