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The evolutionary ascent of information systems

Information systems seen as the main management tool company

The innovative drive of ICT for Supply...

The Information Communication Technology are considered the engine for innovation by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the company

Strategic Outsourcing: benefits and risks

The choice of outsourcing to improve business efficiency

Coding: learning to program from childhood

The importance of learning to program from an early age implies the spread of coding from primary school onwards

UML: a step forward for software engineering

UML allows you to make the abstraction of reality using models based on object-oriented programming language

The strategic utility of big data for...

It uses the term big data to describe a collection of datasets so large and complex as to require instruments different from the traditional...

Ink-jet Printing and Multi-jet Printing

From desktop inkjet printers to the realization of real 3D Selfie

Cerca all'interno del network Close-up Engineering

Per rimanere aggiornato sulle ultime notizie dal network